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The pillar of the company is a team of people whose professional life has been associated with the TSL industry for many years

As a forwarding company, we are the link between transport and logistics, ensuring that all processes between them are synchronized.

Typically, at each stage of the supply chain, there are different requirements which also need to be properly combined so that the target customer receives a properly executed service.

To achieve the desired goals, technological improvements are required

in all areas from scientific progress to personal development. Cargo Manager embodies the concept of stable development in both the internal and external relations of the company.

We focus on building beneficial and fair relationships with customers, partners and subcontractors to ensure the best possible completion of the task entrusted to us.

The result of our work is the satisfaction of our customers

who always come back for the next transport.

Through a very flexible approach to organization of transport, we are prepared for the changing situation on the market, especially the seasonality of various products that shape demand and supply and the availability of services on the market.

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