Road Transport Offered

Domestic and International Transport

The main profile of the company is organization of domestic and international road transport in Europe

Why road transport? Because since the beginning, road transport has had a leading position in its segment and this will continue to be the case regardless of the market situation.

The high demand for road transport is driven by several factors

Above all, the high availability of linear and nodal infrastructure, i.e. a dense network of roads and freeways enabling pickups and deliveries from any location, and the fact that road traffic lasts 24 hours a day, which makes delivery times much shorter than in other transport modes.

To ensure high safety standards

our employees monitor loads with the use of GPS navigation devices installed in the trucks.

All truck stops always take place on guarded and possibly large sites, where a significant number of people move around during the day, which translates into safe stops.

The company’s operating policy is to pick up and deliver goods with one and the same vehicle.

Transport Planning

Most of the damage occurs when goods are handled at our warehouses, therefore we plan the collection and further transport activities so that the load is loaded and unloaded at the destination only once.

That is why contractors often entrust us with very delicate and valuable goods, having confidence in our guarantee that the shipment will arrive without any defects or damage.

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