Domestic Transport Offered

Cargo Transport in Poland

Domestic transport organized by Cargo Manager is distinguished primarily by its delivery time

All shipments supervised by our freight forwarders are delivered on the same or the next day, depending on the distance to the destination and the time the shipment is picked up.

We receive many inquiries in which delivery at night is a requirement, because the goods entrusted to us must reach the next stage of processing.

Domestic transport is based on transport law and two fundamental conventions:

  •     ADR (dangerous goods);
  •     ATP (perishable goods).

Depending on the demand, we serve contractors mainly with such vehicles as:

  • tractor-trailer combination13.6 m and a payload of 24 tons with a tarpaulin/side curtains (33ep)
  • refrigerated trucks, isothermal trucks (22 tons) adapted to carry goods at a specified temperature (33ep)
  • 13.6 m megi semi-trailers with height up to 3m, (33ep)
  • road trains up to 120 m3 and 3m tall (38ep)
  • specialized semi-trailers for transportation of machinery or components that exceed the units of measure or weight prescribed by law and require appropriate permits: platforms, low-bed trailers (tiefbett)

In the case of small quantities of goods, we offer vehicles with smaller loading capacity to reduce transport costs.

  • In the case of trucks, these will be vehicles up to 12 GVW, also rigid bodies or tarpaulin are on offer.
  • minibuses up to 3,5 GVW of 8, 9, 10, 12 ep capacity
  • minibus with pallet truck and loading elevator

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